20 February
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Any real man is a strategist and a hunter. And every single hunter wants to preserve the most valuable, essential trophies as acknowledgement of their prowess, superior performance and tenacity for generations to come.

Those for whom hunt is not just a state of mind, but also the best form of relaxation. For those who risk, launch oneself into the unknown places in search of the rare animal, bird or outlandish fish. For you - special respect and sensible offers from the company “OptimHunt”.

  • Optimal route and mode of transportation scheduling of sport hunting and game fishing trophies;
  • Assistance in customs clearance of goods both for import to the Russian Federation, and the export  from the Russian Federation, including foreign nationals in accordance with all the customs procedures;
  • All means of transportation (avia, rail, auto) worldwide;
  • Interaction with outfitters and taxidermy studios on the trophies shifting;
  • Delivery of trophies to the customer’s door  as through the territory of Russia so on the territory of the Customs Union;
  • Assistance in obtaining all the necessary permits  associated with the trophies shipment;
  • Detailed advice on transportation, veterinary border control and customs clearance;
  • Resolution of all the issues relating to the veterinary border control.

Attention of legal entities (outfitter, taxidermy companies and travel agencies).

Our goal is to make your business as comfortable as possible. That is why we:

  • Help to create an atmosphere for your customers full of peace and confidence in the quality of the services;
  • Help your customers avoid exhausting communication with public authorities.

Attention of individuals (anyone know the price and the taste of real hunting). 

Our goal is to ensure your comfort and confidence while hunting. Specifically for this we are ready to take on all the tedious but mandatory procedures associated with shipment of sport hunting trophies, souvenirs, other purchases into your house from anywhere in the world.

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