20 February
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Hello. I’m going to hunt in Africa. Can you organize trophies delivery to Ekaterinburg? Vladimir.

– Vladimir, “OptimHunt” company delivers sport hunting trophies from anywhere, including African and Asian countries, to the customer’s door.

Good day! When do you get in touch with taxidermists, I mean when does your work start? Oleg Viktorovich. Tver.

– Oleg Viktorovich, our work starts immediately after you discuss all the peculiarities concerning a trophy processing with a taxidermist.

Hello. Can you get a permit for a rare species hunt? Thanks.

– Yes, “OptimHunt” assists in obtaining permits for a hunt on protected species.

Hello. We are going to celebrate my friend’s semicentenary in Africa, we’ve planned an African hunting safari. Am I  right to understand that you undertake all the procedures associated with trophies shipment, including veterinary border control? Aleksey Elovsky, Moscow Region.

– That’s true. We work directly with taxidermy studios, outfitters, veterinary border control and customs authorities. We want our clients enjoy a hunt and do not bother about other things. So enjoy your hunt, the others are of our concern.

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